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A game for 3 to 4 players or teams or a combination of both and ideally, a non-playing Tour Guide.

The aim of the game is to get to the airport for a flight home before lockdown, after an activity-based vacation to every continent in the world. En route, players answer, barter, buy, sell and negotiate their way to WIN!

Penalty Cards

Penalty Cards will stop players in their tracks by costing them money and time.

Lucky Dip Cards

Lucky Dip Cards offer players advantages in the game to help speed up their journey to the airport.

Question Cards

Question Cards are visually stimulating and colourful but also challenging and frustrating.

Vacation Master Cards

Vacation Master Cards determine which Activity Cards players need to collect.

Activity Cards

Using a mixture of scruples, negotiation and luck players need to collect 12 specific Activity Cards.

Document Cards

A certain mix of charm and interpersonal skill is an asset when bartering for additional Document Cards.

Security Check Receipt Cards

A Security Check Receipt Card is required before a player can start their journey on the airport road.

What To Collect Cards

What To Collect Cards serve as a reference guide as the game moves along.


ActiVacation® money is spent and earned in a variety of ways throughout the game.

Jigsaw Pieces

The quirky 7 piece jigsaw is easily assembled and helps inform younger players about the location of continents in relation to each other.







How to play?

To play ActiVacation®️ players or teams need to:

Collect a variety of cards
Complete a jigsaw
Answer questions
Buy, sell and swap successfully
Avoid penalties
Save money
Stay alert

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