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ActiVacation® board game – Limited Edition

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Edition limited to 500 copies. You will receive a numbered, first edition, certified copy of the game.

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Ages – 7 to Adult
3 to 4 players or teams or a combination of both and ideally, a non-playing Tour Guide.
Game duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

The aim of the game is to get to the airport for a flight home before lockdown, after an activity-based vacation to every continent in the world.

You need to collect:

– 2 vacation master cards (cream)
– 12 activity cards (green) to match your master cards, making 2 completed sets
– 5 document cards (brown) 1 of each type listed below at Note 1 of the rule book
– 7 jigsaw pieces (various colours) 1 of each continent
– V1000 in savings (minimum)

En route, players answer, barter, buy, sell and negotiate their way to collect 2 completed activity courses and the other required cards and money. Players continue to travel around the inner circle of the board multiple times, on a virtual active trip of a lifetime, taking in every continent in the world, until they deem themselves ready to travel to the airport, at which stage they progress to the outer circle on the board (further details below at AIRPORT).

The winner is the first person to arrive at the airport (having cleared security) with all of the above-mentioned cards, jigsaw pieces and money (or a wild card in lieu) in their possession.

Ideally, 1 person is appointed the full-time Tour Guide.

The Tour Guide has a very busy and important role to play and this responsibility is best given to a person other than those trying to get to the airport. This can be easily managed by a member of the group who may be a little too young, too old or too tired to actually play/concentrate on the game but still wants to take part in the fun.

The responsibilities of the Tour Guide include:

– selling activity cards
– issuing lucky dip cards privately
– asking questions aloud
– cashing lucky dip savings cards when requested
– issuing jigsaw pieces
– issuing document cards
– reading penalty cards aloud
– ensuring the players complete penalty instructions
– keeping the Tour Guide fund in order
– carrying out a full security check at the entrance to the airport road
– settling any disagreements (what the Tour Guide says, goes!)

1 Board
1 Dice
4 Player pieces. Gregory (blue), Martin (yellow), Patricia (green), and Una (red).
4 Guidance cards showing ‘what you need to collect’ to complete the game
4 Security check receipt cards
8 Vacation master cards
20 Document cards
28 Jigsaw pieces
48 Activity cards
Numerous Lucky Dip cards
Numerous Penalty cards
Numerous Question cards
Copious amounts of ActiVacation® money

*Please check the content of the box. This board game has been assembled by hand so if you have any issues or if any component is missing from the box feel free to contact Ursula for a replacement item.


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